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Clients assisted with filling property tax appeals

(Fiscal Year 2020-2021)


Culinary Training Program graduates were placed in full-time jobs with benefits and living wages

(Fiscal Year 2020-2021)


Families purchased homes with the help of CASL’s HUD-certified program

(Fiscal Year 2020-2021)

We work with jobseekers, potential homebuyers, and other clients seeking financial success and security…

Our programs strengthen the entire community by enhancing the economic power and financial stability of our community members. We specialize in providing employment, housing, and financial services and resources to adults with multiple barriers; including new immigrants and individuals with low English language proficiency. However, all are welcome to seek assistance at CASL!

Adult Employment Program

Career counseling and workshops help jobseekers hone their skills. Our leads, referrals, and placement assistance help them secure employment. Retention support and other eligibility-based aid help individuals maintain their employment and remain on track to financial success.

Culinary Training Program

Western cooking instruction and vocational English Language equips students with knowledge and skills for entry-level positions with major hotels, institutions, and restaurants.

Financial Literacy Program

Helps individuals and families achieve their financial goals through coaching and education on budgeting, banking, credit, identity theft, loans, purchases, and financial planning.

Housing Counseling

Assists with preliminary home-buying protocol, post-purchase protocol, foreclosure prevention and intervention, and rental counseling. This program is certified by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Small Accessible Repairs for Seniors

Helps seniors make their home more accessible and safer so they can continue living with dignity.

Ms. Wang’s Story…

Ms. Wang had a delinquency on her mortgage and was facing foreclosure. A language barrier combined with a high mortgage rate and medical bills had led to financial hardship, bad credit, and debts in collection status. Ms. Wang came to CASL seeking assistance with credit management and foreclosure prevention. Knowledgeable Chinese-speaking staff were able to help her negotiate her payments with collectors, make mortgage payments on time, and set up a savings plan. Staff also referred Ms. Wang to another CASL department to help her renew her Medicaid Card and properly cover medical expenses.