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Alex Montgomery is the Director of CASL’s Center for Social Impact. She has been part of CASL’s mission to catalyze the transformation of individuals, families and the community for an equitable future since 2023. Alex has over 20 years of experience in nonprofit management. She has worked as an attorney representing the under-resourced, led fundraising and operations teams, expanded and managed back office functions while overseeing multi-million dollar facility renovations.

Alex loves to be a part of growth and change within organizations. She is thrilled to lead the Center for Social Impact and to grow Change InSight in its efforts to drive change and improve the lives of the AANHPI community through data-driven strategy.

Alex has a bachelor’s degree from Williams College and law degree from University of Chicago. She is a mother through adoption and maintains a strong relationship with her daughter’s birth family. She loves traveling with her daughter and both are currently obsessed with Harry Potter.