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Programs and services will still continue at our CASL headquarters, the Kam L. Liu Building at South Tan Court, to serve the needs of CASL’s surrounding community.

For 45 years, CASL has been working hard to build one of the most comprehensive care models focused on serving individuals, families, and communities with proven results.

In the last three years, CASL has seen a 33% increase in demand for our comprehensive services and we now service more than 6,000 individuals each year. However, the need for comprehensive care continues to grow with the CASL community and neighboring communities.

Thanks to generous support from David Cotton and the Sue Ling Gin Foundation, CASL has acquired a 5.3-acre property at 3100 South Pitney Court in the Bridgeport-McKinley Park area.

More Information to Come! Contact Brandi Adams, Vice President of Advancement, at Brandi_Adams@CASLservice.org

The Sue Ling Gin Foundation is investing in the future of CASL to provide a base for CASL to expand and grow, increasing CASL’s capacity to serve thousands more individuals and families in need. We are in the initial phases of this project, so details about the expansion location are still being determined. We will provide further updates in the coming months, but this project is expected to unfold in several phases throughout the coming years.

In the near term, we’ll be working closely with local leaders, community organizations, members of the community, and elected officials in the Bridgeport-McKinley Park area to understand the unique needs of the community and how CASL can meet those needs. In addition to engaging with the community, we will conduct a market study to understand existing services in the community and where there may be gaps in services. Collectively, the community, in collaboration with the market study, will help inform what programs will best fit the additional location to meet the community’s needs.