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Non-Monetary Gifts: In-Kind, Property, and more…

In-kind gifts play a vital role in supporting CASL’s mission. Unlike monetary contributions, in-kind donations consist of generous offerings in the form of goods, services, or expertise. These contributions can encompass a wide range of items, from essential supplies like food and clothing to valuable services like marketing assistance or legal counsel.

One of the significant advantages of in-kind gifts is that they enable donors to contribute to causes without the need for a direct monetary contribution. This inclusivity allows individuals and businesses, who may not have the financial means for a large donation, to actively participate in supporting worthwhile endeavors.

For CASL, in-kind donations offer practical benefits that extend beyond monetary value. By receiving donated goods or services, CASL can reduce operating costs and access essential resources that may have otherwise been challenging to obtain. This direct support aids in fulfilling our mission and positively impacts the lives of the individuals and communities we serve.

In essence, in-kind gifts empower both donors and CASL to collaborate effectively, making a tangible difference in addressing societal needs and bringing about positive change.

    • We do not accept donations of clothing or expired products.
    • CASL may also accept gifts of property, computer/technology, vehicles or other large gifts.
    • If you have an area of expertise that CASL may benefit please let us know. We are happy to accept pro bono service donations when appropriate.
    • Due to storage and program needs, it is best to contact us before bringing your donation to CASL as we may not be able to accept it otherwise.

Contact us to discuss your Non-Monetary Gift!