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Leave behind a powerful legacy through Planned Giving

Planned giving is a way of making charitable contributions that involves careful planning and consideration to ensure that your gift has maximum impact that benefits both you and CASL. Planned gifts are typically made through a donor’s estate plans, such as a will or trust, and may include assets like stocks, real estate, and personal property. These gifts may also include charitable trusts, annuities, or other financial arrangements that provide a source of income to the donor while also benefiting the charity.

One of the advantages of planned giving is that it allows you to make a significant contribution to CASL’s mission without impacting your current financial situation. Additionally, many planned gifts offer tax benefits that can help reduce tax liability while also supporting a worthy cause.

CASL would be honored to be part of your life legacy! Our most dedicated supporters have included us in their wills. You can also consider gifts from 401k or Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs). Talk to your attorney or financial advisor about making a bequest. Contact Brandi Adams, Vice President of Advancement, to discuss your planned giving: Brandi_Adams@CASLservice.org

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