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Your contribution to our mission is priceless! Donate Now.

When you donate to CASL, you’re not only supporting individuals but also empowering entire communities with the vital resources they need to thrive. Your generous donation can help CASL provide essential support in various ways:

A contribution of $50 can make a difference for immigrants by supplying them with much-needed textbooks, study materials, and resources for citizenship classes. With your help, they can build a brighter future in their new home.

A gift of $100 will cover services for a senior citizen enrolled in our Adult Day Service program. Your support ensures they receive the care, companionship, and enriching activities they deserve.

For $250, you can sponsor one month of tutoring and social skills development for a middle or high school student in our CASL’s After School Program. Your kindness will help them excel academically and grow into confident individuals.

Monthly Recurring Donation

Consider the profound impact you can make by choosing to make a small and easy Monthly Recurring Donation. Your sustained commitment provides us with a reliable and steady source of funding, enabling us to plan and budget our activities more effectively.

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Donations by check can be made out to CASL and mailed to the following address:
Chinese American Service League
Development Department
2141 South Tan Court
Chicago, IL 60616