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Stock Donations: Maximize your impact, minimize your taxes!

Did you know that when you donate stock, you can enjoy incredible benefits that go beyond traditional cash contributions? While optimizing your tax savings, you can make a meaningful difference in our community.

Join CASL in building a brighter future!

When you give stock, you not only support our mission but you also avoid paying taxes on the appreciated value of the stock. Plus, you get to deduct the full value of the contribution, maximizing the impact of your generosity. You might be surprised to learn that when donating stock, you can save more on taxes compared to donating cash. This means your support stretches further, enabling us to expand our reach and create an even more significant positive impact on the communities we serve.

Easy and safe: Donate stock to CASL today!

Making a stock donation has never been easier or safer. We have partnered with DonateStock.com, a trusted platform that allows you to donate stock from your brokerage account directly to our organization in just 10 minutes or less. The process is secure, seamless, and hassle-free, ensuring that your generous gift reaches us promptly and with utmost safety. Visit our DonateStock.com page at https://donatestock.com/chinese-american-service-league-inc to start your stock donation today.


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