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Dr. Felicitas Yari is CASL’s Director of Public Policy and Research. She has been part of CASL’s mission to catalyze the transformation of individuals, families, and the community for an equitable future since 2022.

As Director of Public Policy and Research, Yari leads the development and execution of CASL’s federal, state and local policy agenda, while coordinating with the Community Impact Team and various CASL programs to provide policy-focused research to shape best practices for impact. She also leads policy initiatives and strategies for the Change InSight® partners for impactful change in the AA/NHPI and other minority communities around social and health equity.

Yari enjoys collaborating with business managers and team members resolving discrepancies and identifying opportunities for improvement in service to clients and organizational success as well as catalyzing others to participate in achieving the set mission and vision of an organization or community movement. She has international working and educational experience in Africa and North America regions. She holds a Ph.D. in Public Policy with Concentration in Healthcare Policy.

She has presented at several international conferences and workshops. Some of her research work has been published in the American Journal of Health research, Journal of Public Policy and Administration while others are under review in reputable peer-reviewed journals.

She likes traveling, volunteering and spending time with her family and loved ones.