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Jered Pruitt is CASL’s Chief Operating Officer (COO). He has been part of CASL’s mission to catalyze the transformation of individuals, families, and the community for an equitable future since 2015. He has led the effort to move CASL towards a data-informed practice organization through the development of the Center for Social Impact and a case coordination model that wraps all of CASL’s programs into a unified service delivery model to holistically serve the needs of even the most difficult of cases. Jered is also leading the development of CASL’s Southside Campus, a 5.3acre site for comprehensive services, and CASL’s health care and behavioral health initiatives.

Jered brings 25 years of non-profit executive experience, including six years as a non-profit CEO, five years in clinical leadership positions and 12 years in executive fundraising. He holds a master’s degree from Roosevelt University in clinical psychology and a bachelor’s degree from Judson University.

Jered has served as a Principal Investigator for a National Institute of Health partnership with Northwestern University to investigate modalities of delivery for cancer patient navigation and the impact on Social Drivers of Health (SDOH). He also serves on the Illinois Department of Public Health’s COVID Equity Team.