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2021-2022 Gifts In Memory of…

July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022

In Memory of Bernarda Wong

Kaiyu Li
Jane Wong
Meiling Zheng

Ms. Caroline Swinney
Mr. Joe and Ms. Stephanie Chan

Jane Wong
Ms. Maria Lin

In Memory of Chei Min Shu

Aaron Kollasch

Ms. Lai So

In Memory of Chiu Chun Chan

Ms. Julie Kong

In Memory of Elaine Wong

Wei-Min Au and Hsin-Lin Wang

In Memory of James C. Mark, Sr.

Michael and Lisa Babcock

In Memory of Lo Cho Tok and Wong Wai Quen

John Lo

In Memory of Meelan Chin Moy

Ms. Cynthia and Henry Moy
Linda and Ms. Linda Madore
Ms. Lily Tow
Ms. Linda Hou
Cara Moy Roeseler

Friends at Snap-on Diagnostics
Friends at Snap-on Diagnostics – Lincolnshire
Ms. Lily Gulik
Katie Moy
Janice Zurawski

Susan and Wayne Salata
Amanda Wong
Ms. Gloria Mancini
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Mary Wong

In Memory of Ming Djang and Chung Kuo Liao

Dr. Thomas Liao and Beverly E. Sha

In Memory of Ngan Ngan Mui

Hongwei Zou

Mr. John Moy

Selina Steffeck

In Memory of Sook Yin Chan

Mary and Dr. Wilbur Pan

In Memory of Sui Ngang Lee Wong

​Dr. Margaret Dolan
Mr. Cesar Chan
Lucy Lao
Sharon, Ruby, Queeny and Veronica Tang
Peggy Pak
Samuel Kwan
Laurie Respass

Lucia Chung
Perry and Susan Ho
Darin Chin
John Leung
Fung Mee Lee
Benjamin Chan

​Michael and Janet Wilson
Andrew and Jennifer Pang
Mr. Jok and Sharon Wong
Frederick Yuen
Lin Miller and Michelle Randazzo
Philip and Betty Chow