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Anti-Hate Action Center

It’s been 95 years since Martin Luther King’s birth. His life advocating for a non-violent end to racism, poverty, and violence has a lasting impact today. Several organizations base their mission on the teachings and philosophy of Dr. King. CASL works to preserve King’s message of non-violence, inclusivity, and opportunity for everyone through our work. According...

What a year 2023 has been for our community! CASL has seen so much change and excitement in the past few months that made May, AANHPI Heritage Month, a month filled with plenty to celebrate. Here is a recap of key moments for CASL during AANHPI Heritage Month...

​For many of us, the terror of the 2021 Atlanta spa shootings targeting Asian-Americans remains fresh in our minds. Seeing media coverage of such intense hatred may have seemed like news to some, but hate crimes impacting minority groups in America have only increased in recent years. The STAATUS (Social Tracking of Asian Americans in the...